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Welcome To Creations By Zap. Here you will find handmade creations of Indian Motif, Angels, Animals, Lighthouses, and much more! If you don't see anything that interest you please come back as we will be adding new items from time to time, Also if you are looking for a certain design please Email me. I may be able to make what your looking for. Some items are limited editions and may no longer be available. Also ask about possible custom color changes available on some items. I hope you enjoy what you see! Please Sign our Guestbook while your here :-)

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About My Crafts
A Little Story about my Work..

When I create my ceramics I either pour the SLIP into molds or buy them already poured.. they are then cleaned and fired in a kiln to harden.. then they are called BISK. From there I paint them in stains or if you want them for outside decorations they are done in under glazes and fired again.. This is usually done in solid colors. I usually do all my pieces in stains.. I like the bright vibrant colors. The kind that catches the eyes when u look at them. When I am done painting them I like to add a little decorations on them for some personal touches.. such as maybe some jewels on the fingers for rings or necklaces... some lace for ruffles.. or maybe some wool for the sheep's and add a little hat to top them off and a bell to make them just right...They are all so cute looking.
I have been doing theses creations for 17 yrs.. I took it up as a hobby and to do a small town craft show from where I live. From there it took off as I attended more craft shows all around.. to shows in the shopping malls for the holidays to our County Fairs.. I am usually doing craft shows from Late August till late October. Holidays are the biggest sellers wherever I go. My biggest holiday is Christmas.

Not only do I do the ceramics.. I also dab a little in refrigerator magnets, making my own patterns and finding different patterns and transferring them to Decron material that is fully washable. These are not Foam magnets that as the years go bye they dry out and crumble.. These are made of Decron (which is the stiff material they use in making shirt collars in clothes). These magnets are fully washable if they get dusty or dirty all u do is swish them in soapy dish water before doing your dishes and then rinse them in cool water and pat them dry and hang them back on the refrigerator. The colors DON'T run.

I also do sun catchers also.. painting them with lots of vibrant colors. Hang them in your windows or door windows and when the sun shines in a beautiful reflection you will get..

Well, that's a little info on some of my creations I create. I hope you enjoy looking at my crafts and if you care to order any or like any info on them please feel free to e-mail me at and just ask away.
Thank you for visiting my webpage and I want to Thank Kelly for making me this page.. I couldn't have done it without you. Kisses and Hugs


Have A Safe & Wonderful Summer!

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